Monday, 23 November 2015

Talk to Frank

Anther quick and dirty paint job and Frank the flesh golem is complete.

 photo 05932f8dc6a2edf114b6ec815b6c9350.jpg

I should really dig through the bones pile and see if there are any other quick wins in there.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Team golem

Whilst digging through my large pile of unpainted Bones Kickstarter 1 miniatures I spotted the golems. These chaps feature quite a lot in D&D games so I decided it was time to slap some paint on them. I've not had much painting time recently as my movement disorder has been playing up so three miniatures with very simple paint jobs was about as much as I could manage.

 photo 2ebaae80d59348ebe50eeaef1528fbfd.jpg

The flesh golem is still on my work bench but should be joining them shortly.

Monday, 9 November 2015

If you go down to the woods today ...

If you go down to the woods today you might see my completed Hunters of the Wild units! Mantic don't yet make models for this unit choice so these are a mixture of Dryads and wood spirits from five different manufacturers brought together and mixed up.The KoW v2 rules describe them thus:-
Like a true force of nature, wild and untamed, the fey creatures of the forest gather in great hunting bands when the Elves march to war, honouring ancient pacts between the Sylvan Kindred and the Green Lady. Gnomes, fauns, will o’ the wisp, dryads and sprites form packs of spiteful warriors, fighting with the full fury of the Great Wild.

 photo 279fd1fed6ced452b5ace2a7d578de89.jpg

This is my first attempt at multibasing in 28mm (other than swarms etc). Usually I base troops individually and magnetise them to their movement trays but in this case I decided to do something different, largely because a load of the models were designed to fit on 25mm bases and the unit footprint for HotW assumes 20mm bases. I think it worked out pretty well but I think I'll stick to my usual methods of basing for now.

 photo f642746af4b99e8c6838128d5544ffad.jpg

 photo 88a9d26a775daa32d05a6464b79a9792.jpg

 photo e8a0825250b1538d2e540da6c52aa332.jpg

 photo 12782f655d88aba9bc39df60a56db0c3.jpg

In other news this brings me up to 268 painted 28mm miniature equivalents for the year so far. The target of 300 that I set myself in January looks possible so I am cracking on with some more Mantic elves that I assembled and primed ages ago and just left. These will hopefully be a quick win and propel me towards my goal.