Thursday, 29 October 2015


My PNKD has been pretty bad this month so it has really cut down on my painting time and I have achieved far less than I had hoped.

I managed to paint up some Mantic Mars attacks scenery for the Random Platypus Barricades PAL.

 photo d0682089a5d076e188a76c723bcf4f86.jpg

And I've also completed a handful of old GW and WOTC dryads for my KoE elves.

 photo e5a6e10b0dc2f6b4937a884d32abca6b.jpg

I have to load more forest spirits to complete but fortunately they are pretty quick to do so I might get this unit finished before too long. Looking at the calendar I will have to get a move on if I want to break the 300 mark this year, best get to it.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Towards a cleaner workbench

The clearing of the decks continues. Yesterday I put the finishing touches to three characters for out D&D campaign. Firstly my wife's new fighter, Brienne. This is from the Otherworld female adventurers set.

 photo 8be4f95ae54f71058457f0317bb73c8a.jpg

Next up a very old citadel dwarf. I've added an extra axe on to his back as the character, Drax, is axe mad.

 photo e1ff5b13fac2210b9770397d15cb1498.jpg

And lastly a Reaper Bones fighter. The swords won't stay completely straight on this one no matter how hard I try. I think the model was meant to have a cloak of a backpack or something but I couldn't find it so I had to plug the hole in the back of the miniature with green stuff. Not the best of paint jobs but I don't expect the character to last all that long!

 photo ede108abbc552064d010d82a1f021462.jpg

There is still more workbench cleaning to go. Hopefully I will get a chance to pick up my paint brushes over the weekend.

Thursday, 1 October 2015


And now a 80s Grenadier Storm Giant. This chap has been sitting in a box for years and I decided to dig him out and give him a new paint job due to the Random Platypus "Giant" paint-a-long they did earlier in the summer. The big problem was that I never owned the correct left arm for him - years ago I bodged him together with an arm from a citadel giant but it looked pretty bad.

Fortunately Random Platypus is a very nice place and another board member sold me the correct arm for the miniature. So here he is with the correct arms and a quick paint job.

 photo d6f2e49853a5ff0a09dcdaa0196526bd.jpg

And another (lead) weight off my mind and my workbench.