Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I will survive!

And here are the last of the survivors for "And Stay Down". Well actually some of these will also see use in Officer Down as well. All of these are from Hasslefree, some were recent purchases and others have been awaiting paint for many years.

 photo 8f865e342c4f28b4bf71bac799126ac7.jpg

And another view just because.

 photo 7d1fd5af641e42ca167d073f01592436.jpg

It was nice to paint something with a bit more care and attention than the way I did the zombies. A little less haste and a few extra highlights make all the difference.

Next up are the last four miniatures in the queue for Officer Down and then I'm done with the project (until I buy more miniatures for it!).

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The end times

That's it - they're done! At last I have finished painting zombies. Here are the last 6 walkers:-

 photo 739292e5af8c0ffde88acb3491629216.jpg

And the 6 crawlers.

 photo fce3e9664e55e5857c6f778947ff348b.jpg

And here are all 66 of them in one place for the first time.

 photo 74bc1ab23825017bf22e54c96fa7d6f3.jpg

 photo d1158f7e26afb0ad2a2934116f1986ec.jpg

And one last shot for luck.

 photo d1a183f9d7031d9838455e0f4582cd9a.jpg

I'm trying to keep up the momentum and have made a start on the remaining Officer Down/And Stay Down miniatures - a mix of survivors, undercover cops etc.

Monday, 22 September 2014

The end is in sight

12 more Zs finished which just leaves 6 walkers and 6 crawlers to complete. The end is nigh!

 photo c99c8ddcd4f0bd8d71024672497b2dd5.jpg

And whilst I was waiting for some paint to dry I decided to do a couple of colour scheme testers for my Deadzone Plague faction. These were very quick and don't look too bad. I might be able to quickly blast out the rest of the faction at some point.

 photo 48627134c0dd5c8af1c6f5e5faa5db04.jpg

But I still have more Zs and survivors to finish before then so on with the show.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Is there no end?

Yet more Zs.

 photo 5252edcef7db58a4811e18bea2721946.jpg

No too many left now. Just as well really as I've only just over a month left to go before the big game and I still have some survivors to paint and some rules to write.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


In an unprecedented burst of speed I have clocked up another 12 zombies.

 photo 44f785bdd784fe5833758bf382c3084b.jpg

At this rate I will finish in plenty of time for play testing the "... and stay down" rules.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Z again

More Zs

 photo 96f4132ce13ad3dd2292536d68292423.jpg

And some less fresh ones.

 photo dae2b55219d876596654fa13864f5037.jpg

And many more to come.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Gladiators ready!

Well, gladiator single anyway. Here is a Reaper gladiator miniature wielding a trident which I have painted up for our D&D campaign to represent a character who used to be a gladiator and uses a trident. I'd say it fits the brief pretty well.

 photo be70424a33488b775341db156927ca4a.jpg

Elsewhere the workbench is crawling with zombies.