Thursday, 13 June 2013

More guards

I decided to take a quick break from painting DreadBall minis and paint up some more elves. The trigger for this was organising a game of KoW and deciding I wanted to use more palace guard in the list. I dug out the palace guard I bought in January(-ish) to use to plug the gaps left by removing the banner and musician from the units (to save on points).

 photo dd7e539f563e00024cf51293e147ed80.jpg

It was a nice change to paint some elves again as it has been a while. Whilst I was doing the palace guard I decided to paint up a couple of siege engine crew which were also on the to-be-painted tray.

 photo caa9b8ad42ef4a842442d01ea3b556ce.jpg

The Dragons Breath engine itself will be done when I work out what colours I want it to be.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The sound of sirens

Another milestone - I'm now half way through my DreadBall Season 2 teams. Here is the complete female human team.

 photo 37ec407c19140524d9ec710f70b9f4e2.jpg

I painted these up very quickly - probably too quickly. After I had varnished them I had a good look and realised that I didn't like what I saw. Fortunately it seems like another round of highlights has salvaged them and I think I am now happy with the result.

Next up is Anne-Marie Helder, a S2 DB MVP. I painted her at the same time as the rest of the team but as she can play for anyone I game her a unique colour scheme.

 photo b15669fd428ca0725e53d6f6dcef328b.jpg

And lastly I have a colour scheme tester.

 photo 37be6e611de60587fd9fa08ff66bc52d.jpg

I bought quite a lot of Mantic orcs in the sale and also when they were on offer at the Clash of Kings. They are stylistically quite different to the other orcs in my collection so I wanted to try and make them blend in by using the same colours. I'm quite happy with the results here so at some point I will be painting up several units of them.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Faceless and nameless

Its been a relatively slow week on the painting front due to a short holiday. Despite this I have still managed to quickly paint up a couple of DreadBall MVPs. First up is the squiggly tentacled John Doe.

 photo d8176545bc9a76b134563d63a7a1f7d1.jpg

Followed swiftly by Number 88.

 photo bf536311a95f78b8082151881712ed88.jpg

Currently on the workbench are the Void Sirens (female human) DreadBall team. I have come up with a simple (and easy) colour scheme and I'm aiming to have them done quite quickly.