Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Fire and flood

June to August, oops! Although it has been a while since I posted I have not been entirely idle I have managed to paint up my city terrain boards - a task which took longer than expected but I am pretty happy with the results.

 photo 2966b27190d538a0b3f55b5eace7fbf8.jpg

Anyway back to miniatures - here are a couple of Reaper Bones water elementals I picked up recently for use in the Temple of Elemental Evil. Being already made of clear blue plastic all I needed to do was add some highlights.

 photo 036a3a2b76f71d52efef2b221ab9465e.jpg

And the same with these lesser fire elemental thingies from the same range.

 photo 3efdddc2863f2f7d9ab9c576b3179d7e.jpg

I really need to clear my painting table as I have a ton of half finished models on it. I need the space so I can get cracking on some more ogres for the tournament in October.