Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Me and my squad of ultimate bad-asses will protect you!

And the Colonial Marines are now painted. Painting 10mm models sure is quicker than 28mm ones.

 photo e9a06ff761b2641f5a703f573dcef989.jpg

Here's a bit of a closer shot.

 photo d0828c1f3ad4d31ec4c479403cf3975b.jpg

And here's a squad deploying from the APC.

 photo 879c991dcc772f9bf8b39260854934de.jpg

And of course they'll need some opposition too. The Aliens are almost complete - just the egg clusters to go.

 photo 737bc071e74d8269a3547ccf37995e35.jpg

And our final shot of the day are two colour scheme testers for the Wayland-Yutani corporation force.

 photo e31ba9c7b0ff58938241713f0ed42a62.jpg

The game itself is coming on nicely. Dan came over last night and we gave the rules a first shakedown. Noty only was the game quite playable but it also fun too. It still has plenty of rough edges and the balance needs a lot of work but it is a promising start.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Xenomorph project.

I have mentioned many times that I, just like may other wargamers, tend to flit between projects instead of seeing things to completion. I was suffering froma complete lack on inspiration to complete any of the projects on my workbench so I ended up starting a new one ... or more precisely digging out an old one to work on again.

Several years ago I had some ideas for coming up with my own board game based on the Aliens films. After mulling things over for a while I eventually took the plunge and bought a load of 10mm miniatures from the Pendraken Sci-Fi range in 2007. I then spent ages gathering images from the films for painting inspiration, textures for the tiles etc etc and then promptly put everything in a box and left it to gather dust.

One of the reasons for giving up was that I couldn't come up with a suitable way of basing the miniatures economically. I wanted to base them individually but nowhere seemed to produce bases small enough. thin enough or cheap enough for what I had planned. I experimented with washers but realised that it might cost more to base the miniatures than they had cost in the first place.
During the 'wilderness years' of the project I had occasionally added little bits here and there like PDFs of tiles etc but it was the recent Prodos AvP Kickstarter which started me thinking about my own project again and the basing problem. A solution finally came to me - tiddly winks would be the right size, shape and are nice and cheap. I checked eBay and bought a pack of 100 of them for a little over £2. With the basing issue resolved I could now make a proper start on the project.

Here are some of the miniatures based on tiddly winks.

 photo 5e2dc22d3cbc7b66b51bac83ba9fd1b2.jpg

I've added bits of aluminium mesh to the bases to make them look a bit nicer.

 photo 081336562c03700a82ef30419bdf2020.jpg

Here is the current state of the project - just a few more bases to finish.

 photo 2d4b5db7f2abea0ab075b16cd48e89d3.jpg

And these are my colour scheme testers. They paint up pretty quickly so there is a chance I will actually finish this project.

 photo a3c64b44c817e3d224770738c4932977.jpg

And another look. I don't fancy those marines' chances.

 photo abe6545e26d962627ffd9a8c0e21f220.jpg

Looks like I have plenty to be getting on with.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

You got a killer scene there, man

Yesterday I decided to crack on with something else I have been putting off for a while - the scenery for my wargames table. To be honest I kept forgetting it needed doing until I would dig it out for a game. These are all based on terrain scatter bases from Fenris Games. The nice chap who runs it created these for me but you can also buy the from their store here and here.

I added some polyfilla, rocks and sand (sealed with PVA for for durability).

 photo 4a11586e42e34157fa8dda176bcf8e20.jpg

Here's a close up.

 photo 66c994e275991a44f0c469548d37cae8.jpg

For practicality the trees are removable during play and are attached to the bases with magnets. Here is a wood base with the trees removed.

 photo cfdf9e361819cd2cd16b8ce43811de31.jpg

And lastly here is a quick bones mini I knocked up for inclusion in our D&D party. He is playing the part of Aaron Tallbow in the Dragonlance Classics campaign I am running at the moment.

 photo 07d7345d979035716210ab3577ae6bfe.jpg

And in other news I have finally made a start on those ghouls I have been putting off for a while.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Like a boss

And carrying on with the work bench clean up I have four Orc Bosses to lead some of my units.

 photo d61e986e3b13ea2e082654d51cb4a018.jpg

There is now very little left on the workbench.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Being adventurous

A bit more desk tidying. These have been sitting around half painted for a while so I decided to get them finished.

 photo c86ca9328a07a25f0954346ac39fe75c.jpg

There's now more room on my workbench but there are still some miniatures on there begging to be finished.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Ello ello Elohi

And the winner is ... The last unit of Elohi.

 photo c7b24abf2b9524c430740a3d4fd98e1c.jpg

Well that's the last of them done.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mintoaur detour

Okay so these don't look much like undead either. These are the last three non KickStarter bones minis that I had hoped to complete before my KS shipment arrived. I didn't quite manage that but here they are anyway. I seem to be having a little clear out of the minis which are sitting half painted on my workbench to make room for the minis I'm meant to be painting.

 photo 7ecc2852d8a9ea9774dccc11de16307f.jpg

This friendly chap will be seeing action in our next D&D session.

 photo 6deea120b13586218243abab7205a958.jpg

And these two where just getting in my way. Now ... more undead or more desk tidying?

Monday, 14 October 2013

I'm painting angels instead

Yes, I know I said I'd keep going with the undead but I've been making a slight detour. I'm going to a tournament next weekend with friend and frequent opponent Daniel. Now Daniel had decided to bring a an entirely new (and very effective) army to the event but was running short of painting time due to having a new baby in the house. Just in case he didn't manage to get everything painted up in time I decided to paint up some of my miniatures which he could use as a fall back plan. As things turned out they painted up pretty quickly, but as Daniel has been making good progress with his own army it looks like they might not be needed after all..

Some Basilean Elohi (or angels to the rest of us).

 photo 1fac4f2848e2df94cc68b5133e0a31b4.jpg

And also a phoenix - painted in less than a day.

 photo 0373629b9c7f9c0cc369b0af9bce8b3f.jpg

 photo 1b9649d4fbbbeed6d6811e7d4f4e826c.jpg

 photo d811d129648c975c12b32c37215d506d.jpg

And here's a shot which gives you an idea of scale - he's quite a large beastie.

 photo deeb44c28e7dddecf554d42f125170b5.jpg

And now back to painting undead .. maybe.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kings and things

And here are the characters for the 1600 point tournament army.

 photo aea7460d1ea6fbc6c27f4e15a8ab3a10.jpg

The two on the left are Mantic (Limited edition standard bearer and necromancer) and the two on the right are GW LOTR Morgul Knights (with a Mantic banner). The Morgul Knights fit in really well scale (and style) wise with the Mantic miniatures and I have used various Mantic parts to convert them, well only one in the photo above but there will be more to see in the second batch of characters I will be doing shortly.

And to wrap things up I decided to quickly paint up a batch of wound markers that I started work on over a year ago.

 photo 41b9578c6b34b7f8f2117c87c6b55131.jpg

A quick splash of paint and they are ready to go. Now I won't need to use my elf wound markers for the undead army.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Look at my horse - my horse is amazing

And that's the knights complete - two troops of Revenant cavalry ready to play with. These took a little longer to complete that I had expected, partly because they are more time consuming to paint that I had counted on and partly because I lost quite a lot of painting time to my movement disorder.

 photo 9853088ea153d8170066916b4274d19f.jpg

I've carried on with the red and black (grey) colour scheme which will also carry over on to the characters. Speaking of which - I now have just 4 characters to complete and I have the tournament army (as currently envisaged) complete.

Of course this doesn't mean I'm finished with the army but it will be a nice milestone. I'm planning on completing a few extras which I can use as options in the future - and although I'm itching to start painting something else I will try and get everything done ASAP before the magic fades.

Monday, 23 September 2013

On my signal unleash hell!

This speed painting trip seems to yielding some impressive results. I can't remember ever having finished so many units in such a short time. I think the results look pretty good too which makes me wonder if the extra time I usually spend per model is actually worth it.

I have painted up four balefire catapults which can be really quite nasty in game terms in KoW. This are the first of the more "regular" units in the army and so I have used them to introduce a black (well grey really) and red colour motif which will also feature elsewhere.

 photo 3a3046554b01fb58b3d3121c147bf7ff.jpg

I have also completed the last of the werewolves (for now anyway) - one more troop of werewolves and three individuals - all standing on rocks. The rocks are partly decoration and partly practical - as lone units exact positioning on the table top is often critical and they help with this. The rocks raise the model up so it should be easier to place them in direct base to base contact with other units and they also add some weight to the model and should prevent them from being knocked oout of position accidentally during play.

 photo 3d1ec72f4b6ff89b808958ff6b501648.jpg

I'm now working on the cavalry for the army with a goal of maybe having it ready for a game on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Dirty rotten scoundrels

Speed painting seems to be the name of the game. I have managed to blast through both units of zombies far quicker than I could reasonably have expected.

Despite the speed I am reasonably proud of the results here. They are a testament to the impact of the current generation of washed (devlan mud etc) on how quickly you can get reasonable results these days.

 photo 6c967b51b7c036c8cebab26117cc9857.jpg

Next in the queue are four balefire catapults which will give covering fire to the rest of the army.

Monday, 16 September 2013

KoW Ghost Protocol

I have set myself a target to complete my new KoW Undead army in time for the Pathfinder tournament at the NWGC next month. You may be asking yourself "what undead army" - well I completely failed on my ban on impulse purchases and added various discounted models to my KoW Kickstarter pledge and suddenly found myself collecting undead. I've added a few other purchases to round things out and now have 2000+ points of undead.

So far things are going reasonably well - the werewolves (below) were the first models painted and I've just added four units of wraiths completed yesterday.

 photo b79cc0cc42684ccec1650462dcff69d7.jpg

With the time pressure for completing the army I went for a really simple colour scheme - the ghostly look.

I've also done all the movement trays for the army - a tedious and long winded task - which means I can concentrate on finishing the models and getting them ready for play. Next up are some zombies, I'm already halfway through the first unit so hopefully they will be completed very soon.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The art of movement

Holidays and a flare up of my movement disorder have meant that I haven't made much progress since my last post. Due to the recent KoW kickstarter delivery I have loads of assembled miniatures in various stages of painting cluttering up my study. With the impending delivery of yet more Kickstarter swag I decided to have a bit of a tidy up and to that end I had a big session of painting up movement trays and magnetising everything so I could put stuff away in boxes. I'm not sure why but units look so much better when they are based nicely and on a matching movement tray. It took me all afternoon to do about 8 trays, slower than usual but my PNKD was bothering me at the time.

In other news I found some old orc crossbow miniatures when clearing out some storage a few weeks ago. I JPed (re-based) them yesterday and now they will be Orc Sniffs in my Orc KoW army.

 photo 54be0728c53b8ce200a442d0de96082d.jpg

I think I painted these over 10 years ago. They've been sitting around unused for a very long time. Its always nice to find new uses for old miniatures.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Brocking at the moon

And here come the last two werewolves from my first batch (more to arrive later)

 photo 6f02076791cdacba49957bd1bad37c90.jpg

And my first completed brock rider.

 photo 1beca00797a24edb1c38c38819b4cbf2.jpg

I've another 29 of those to go so it might take a while.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

There wolves

Since my last update I have been deluged with miniatures from the Mantic Kings of War Kickstarter. There are still more to come later in the month but this delivery was pretty substantial - ogres, werewolves elves and lots of dwarves riding brocks. It is going to take a while to make a dent in that lot.

I made a start on the werewolves as they are nice miniatures and easy to paint up. Last night I had this many painted:-

 photo 6bdbc7b26c24e0a98f65bef54792baab.jpg

And this morning I added these as well.

 photo fb8f1d28d686360efbfdeab45fa21931.jpg

Not bad going really. :)

I have two more ready to paint up and another 6 coming in my next delivery from Mantic. I guess this means I'm starting an undead army.

I've also been working on the brock riders and here is a WIP shot of one of the brocks.

 photo 8ad78669a491f1c01b0e3e4341a72487.jpg

I think they'll look really nice when I have them all painted up.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

2013 Part 2

The first miniatures of the second half of 2013 are beginning to stack up. Here are some Hasslefree minis flanking some very old Grenadier evil dwarves.

 photo 0c3fcf38c92594348d42695a0ece9404.jpg

Following swiftly on we have a couple of Citadel Black Orcs and Savage orcs. I've painted these up to fill the gaps left by the standard bearer and musician.

 photo photo2.jpg

Painting these with "modern" techniques (i.e. washes) meant that these were quicker to paint up than the original unit members and the results look better too - that's progress for you.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Half term report

Well the score at half time is 181 miniatures worth painted (165 actual) vs an unknown total of purchases.

This means that even if this year is likely to be a fail, I am still on track to have the most productive year since records began which is something to take comfort in.

Lets see how I've been getting along with my objectives.

1) Play more games
I made a good start with this one but it has tailed off a bit recently. Must try harder.

2) Don’t make any impulse purchases
Er, best skip this one I think.

3) Paint at least 4 DreadBall teams
I've done well with this one - I've painted up 6 teams so far.

4) Paint my Dwarf Army
Well I have 5 of them on my workbench right now. I think I will have to make a bit more of an effort with this one.

So lets see what the second half of the year brings.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

More guards

I decided to take a quick break from painting DreadBall minis and paint up some more elves. The trigger for this was organising a game of KoW and deciding I wanted to use more palace guard in the list. I dug out the palace guard I bought in January(-ish) to use to plug the gaps left by removing the banner and musician from the units (to save on points).

 photo dd7e539f563e00024cf51293e147ed80.jpg

It was a nice change to paint some elves again as it has been a while. Whilst I was doing the palace guard I decided to paint up a couple of siege engine crew which were also on the to-be-painted tray.

 photo caa9b8ad42ef4a842442d01ea3b556ce.jpg

The Dragons Breath engine itself will be done when I work out what colours I want it to be.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The sound of sirens

Another milestone - I'm now half way through my DreadBall Season 2 teams. Here is the complete female human team.

 photo 37ec407c19140524d9ec710f70b9f4e2.jpg

I painted these up very quickly - probably too quickly. After I had varnished them I had a good look and realised that I didn't like what I saw. Fortunately it seems like another round of highlights has salvaged them and I think I am now happy with the result.

Next up is Anne-Marie Helder, a S2 DB MVP. I painted her at the same time as the rest of the team but as she can play for anyone I game her a unique colour scheme.

 photo b15669fd428ca0725e53d6f6dcef328b.jpg

And lastly I have a colour scheme tester.

 photo 37be6e611de60587fd9fa08ff66bc52d.jpg

I bought quite a lot of Mantic orcs in the sale and also when they were on offer at the Clash of Kings. They are stylistically quite different to the other orcs in my collection so I wanted to try and make them blend in by using the same colours. I'm quite happy with the results here so at some point I will be painting up several units of them.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Faceless and nameless

Its been a relatively slow week on the painting front due to a short holiday. Despite this I have still managed to quickly paint up a couple of DreadBall MVPs. First up is the squiggly tentacled John Doe.

 photo d8176545bc9a76b134563d63a7a1f7d1.jpg

Followed swiftly by Number 88.

 photo bf536311a95f78b8082151881712ed88.jpg

Currently on the workbench are the Void Sirens (female human) DreadBall team. I have come up with a simple (and easy) colour scheme and I'm aiming to have them done quite quickly.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Judwan done!

Wow, that was quick - I only got these primed on Monday and now they're all done, a complete Judwan Dreadball team. That's the first of the season 2 teams complete with three more to go. They were very quick to paint up and maybe not to my best standard but they're ready for play.

 photo 6701788612cb799071688209c907a04a.jpg

I also completed the fist of my MVPs, Mee-Kel Judwan. I'm planning to paint most of my MVPs in team neutral colours but as MKJ only plays for Judwan teams I decided to paint him up with the rest of the team.

 photo 4245c862c233d420ef54cf4ecb09fb6a.jpg

I have already made a start on the next team, the female human team but with half term coming up for my daughters it might be a little longer before I can get them completed.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's clobberin' time!

A couple more bones minis have rolled off the production line, firstly an ogre:-

 photo a3fa5a63a27e8535158b2f4bfb71e5da.jpg

And also a bugbear:-

 photo 8156201611b4bb59cb6a8746a058d2df.jpg

Both were nice and quick to paint up. This just leaves me with three more bones to paint up out of the ones I had bought. An unofficial target I had set myself was to get all my bones minis painted before the Reaper Bones KickStarter deleivers and as this has now been delayed it looks like I might achieve this one.

In other news yesterday marked the end of a 12 day period where I was untroubled by my movement disorder following a blow to the head (and subsequent concussion). Unfortunately this might slow me down again but at least the stuff I painted during that time stays in the painted pile.