Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shielded from view

One thing I've not been so happy with about the scheme I've chosen for my elves is the little design I've been painting on the shields. I originally wanted to do a star but I couldn't find something that i could reproduce consistently so I settled with the cross and lines. Recently I've not been able to even do that properly (not sure if its the fault of the brush or the hands that hold it) so I finally made the decision to ditch the freehand symbol and use a transfer instead. I managed to find a design I liked at Veni Vidi Vici and bought three sheets of it scaled for 10mm shields. The transfers themselves are top notch and very easy to use. I like the result and I now plan to go back and use these for the whole army. Here are some comparison pictures:-

Oh and I've got a new camera and a photo tent, hopefully that'll mean better pictures from now on.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Well February didn't turn out so well either. Until this weekend I had only managed to snatch a bit of painting time here and there largely due to mobility issues. This weekend, thankfully, I managed to get a bit of free time when all my limbs were working properly and managed to make up for lost time.

The end result is 17 miniatures ready for basing as well as a load of wound markers and a further 5 minis almost done. In fact once I have those 5 minis done and the HE griffon then I will have managed to complete the first of this year's objectives.

I've made a tentative start towards the second project of the year as well. I washed a batch of night goblins ready for priming but sadly the weather decided not to play ball so they remain in their natural grey plastic for now.

Lets hope things perk up so I can get some more painting done soon.