Monday, 1 February 2016

One down, eleven to go

And that folks, was January.

For me January seems to have turned out pretty well on the painting front despite losing a lot of time to my movement disorder. It was a month of painting almost exclusively Mantic Elf miniatures - or at least Mantic miniatures I can use in my KoW elf army. Here is a run down of the latest additions.

Firstly a Mantic Dragon's Breath war engine which has been lying around primed for a very long time and is now ready for the table top.

Next up is a Mantic Elf Mage Queen from the most recent KoW Kickstarter.

Closely followed by a mounted elf hero from Gamezone, this month's only non Mantic miniature.

And lastly the original Mantic elf dragon. He fits neatly on a 50x50 base and is completely dwarfed by the new Mantic elf dragon which is currently on the workbench.

Looking at the close-ups of that lot I can't claim to be particularly proud of my paint jobs but they are good enough for the table top and that's what I was aiming for.

So how is the pledge coming along? Well so far the year I have bought a grand total of zero miniatures and I have painted a total of 58 28mmeq so everything is going nicely to plan. Lets hope that 2016 carries on being as productive.