Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Law vs Disorder

Some more photos of the painted stuff for my Officer Down game. As I mentioned in an earlier post I still need to go back and add some road markings to the bases but I've decided to claim these as painted for the purposes of the pledge.

 photo 88ea732c3944f49e6ff4cd3082d18330.jpg

SWAT Team 1

 photo 1d74f14488c7c21313ac673bb7f48a71.jpg

SWAT Team 2

 photo 19f3b8f6b82b6f8e5159e62cf5030ed8.jpg

SWAT Team snipers

 photo 2270f9bb35fe949544fb32ffceb85b40.jpg

Gang members

 photo 74d49d7b36698a3a300e7f7d31784ac0.jpg

Gang members 2

All of these are from Britannia Miniatures and were started 10 years ago with the exception of the snipers who are from The Assault Group. The TAG miniatures are streets ahead of the old sculpts and would probably be my first choice if I were to start the whole project from scratch.

I've also bee pretty busy painting up some more buildings for the project but I will save those for a later update.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What a waste

 photo Acme_WM_square_s.png

Work on Carnage City is continuing and I have managed to fully complete the first building for the new layout - Acme Waste Management Services.

 photo 813b5c92a6dfbcb750d90f3bc1de0e3a.jpg

 photo be3c1ce4a699ebe20b1b03083e87c948.jpg

 photo fc3bde0e1b655bfc688b651bb982f28d.jpg

And here is the interior.

 photo bcc1e14566d28b41cca8b6d1cf13016c.jpg

Built and painted in under a week, that's probably a personal best.