Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Like a boss

And carrying on with the work bench clean up I have four Orc Bosses to lead some of my units.

 photo d61e986e3b13ea2e082654d51cb4a018.jpg

There is now very little left on the workbench.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Being adventurous

A bit more desk tidying. These have been sitting around half painted for a while so I decided to get them finished.

 photo c86ca9328a07a25f0954346ac39fe75c.jpg

There's now more room on my workbench but there are still some miniatures on there begging to be finished.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Ello ello Elohi

And the winner is ... The last unit of Elohi.

 photo c7b24abf2b9524c430740a3d4fd98e1c.jpg

Well that's the last of them done.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mintoaur detour

Okay so these don't look much like undead either. These are the last three non KickStarter bones minis that I had hoped to complete before my KS shipment arrived. I didn't quite manage that but here they are anyway. I seem to be having a little clear out of the minis which are sitting half painted on my workbench to make room for the minis I'm meant to be painting.

 photo 7ecc2852d8a9ea9774dccc11de16307f.jpg

This friendly chap will be seeing action in our next D&D session.

 photo 6deea120b13586218243abab7205a958.jpg

And these two where just getting in my way. Now ... more undead or more desk tidying?

Monday, 14 October 2013

I'm painting angels instead

Yes, I know I said I'd keep going with the undead but I've been making a slight detour. I'm going to a tournament next weekend with friend and frequent opponent Daniel. Now Daniel had decided to bring a an entirely new (and very effective) army to the event but was running short of painting time due to having a new baby in the house. Just in case he didn't manage to get everything painted up in time I decided to paint up some of my miniatures which he could use as a fall back plan. As things turned out they painted up pretty quickly, but as Daniel has been making good progress with his own army it looks like they might not be needed after all..

Some Basilean Elohi (or angels to the rest of us).

 photo 1fac4f2848e2df94cc68b5133e0a31b4.jpg

And also a phoenix - painted in less than a day.

 photo 0373629b9c7f9c0cc369b0af9bce8b3f.jpg

 photo 1b9649d4fbbbeed6d6811e7d4f4e826c.jpg

 photo d811d129648c975c12b32c37215d506d.jpg

And here's a shot which gives you an idea of scale - he's quite a large beastie.

 photo deeb44c28e7dddecf554d42f125170b5.jpg

And now back to painting undead .. maybe.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kings and things

And here are the characters for the 1600 point tournament army.

 photo aea7460d1ea6fbc6c27f4e15a8ab3a10.jpg

The two on the left are Mantic (Limited edition standard bearer and necromancer) and the two on the right are GW LOTR Morgul Knights (with a Mantic banner). The Morgul Knights fit in really well scale (and style) wise with the Mantic miniatures and I have used various Mantic parts to convert them, well only one in the photo above but there will be more to see in the second batch of characters I will be doing shortly.

And to wrap things up I decided to quickly paint up a batch of wound markers that I started work on over a year ago.

 photo 41b9578c6b34b7f8f2117c87c6b55131.jpg

A quick splash of paint and they are ready to go. Now I won't need to use my elf wound markers for the undead army.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Look at my horse - my horse is amazing

And that's the knights complete - two troops of Revenant cavalry ready to play with. These took a little longer to complete that I had expected, partly because they are more time consuming to paint that I had counted on and partly because I lost quite a lot of painting time to my movement disorder.

 photo 9853088ea153d8170066916b4274d19f.jpg

I've carried on with the red and black (grey) colour scheme which will also carry over on to the characters. Speaking of which - I now have just 4 characters to complete and I have the tournament army (as currently envisaged) complete.

Of course this doesn't mean I'm finished with the army but it will be a nice milestone. I'm planning on completing a few extras which I can use as options in the future - and although I'm itching to start painting something else I will try and get everything done ASAP before the magic fades.