Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Pointy sticks

And as hoped some of the orc upgrades have been completed .. just in time for a tournament at the weekend.

These are Renegade Miniatures orcs (not currently available sadly). In the latest Kings of War rules pack (Clash of Kings 2018) Orcs have a unit called Longax which are basically spears. Filled with renewed enthusiasm I decided to bolster my unit and paint up enough miniatures to be able to field an entire horde of the (that's 40 miniatures!).

Here are the 12 newly painted additions.

And here is the whole unit

The unit is ridiculously heavy and including movement tray, magnets etc clocks in at just under a whopping 1.25kg!

But that's not all. I also have the first regiment of orclings complete.

Unsurprisingly they weigh in at a whole lot less. I've managed to combine miniatures from 4 different manufacturers in there - GW, Foundry, Pendraken and Mantic. I have several more bases of these little chaps to paint too.

The plan is to carry on working on my orcs for now but I do have some more Wild in the Streets miniatures inbound which should be arriving any time now. We shall see if they fight their way to the front of the painting queue.

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Kadmon said...

Nice work! I've linked your article in my review of the Renegade orcs -