Tuesday, 2 January 2018

2018 is underway

Late 2017 saw my Kickstarted copy of DreadBall 2 arrive in the post. I opted just for the rulebook pledge this time as I still have plenty of unpainted miniatures from first time around. The new system converts a good chunk of the MVPs into team captains and makes both classes much more likely to hit the field. This spurred me on to paint up some of the characters who had been languishing in a box for years.

 I also got cracking on some of the alternate poses for the Judwan team. The chaps in red will be available as transfers for other teams.

I've also made a start on some of my other Dreadball miniatures. I have alternate poses left to do for the Veermyn, Marauders and Forge Fathers and entire expanded teams for Nameless, Zees, Tetratons and Astereans ... and a load of MVPs and giants too. I'm hopeful that the game will take off at the local club giving me more incentice to get painting.

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