Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Is it June already?

Wow, that's probably my longest time between updates in all the years I have been running this blog.

So what's been happening since I posted last? Well as you may have guessed - there haven't been any completed miniatures since January but that doesn't mean I have been completely idle. In that time I have painted up a quantity of modern scenery, some of which which I took with me to Salute for the Wild in  the Streets game that Random Platypus was helping out with.

Miniatures wise I have prepped a whole load of stuff and part painted a whole load of stuff. Hopefully over the coming weeks and months I will be able to reap the rewards of the work I have done and be able to show off some of the painted results.

First to escape the workbench are these chaps. More cheap plastic Tehnolog miniatures, this time 54mm undead Knights based up as KoW wights. They work out at around $1 a miniature including postage which makes up for the soft detail and general bendyness. You can get an idea of their size from the mantic zombie I have included in the photo.

The rest of the workbench is currently covered in Orcs although they might get leapfrogged by soem Wild in the Streets miniatures I also have on the go. The Orcs have been waiting for their KoW2 upgrades for years and I finally decided that it was time to get them back on to the table top once again. I have loads of little additions and unit upgrades for this army and I will see how many of them I can complete before something else piques my interest.

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