Tuesday, 19 June 2018

This corrosion

As promised I have started shifting miniatures from my workbench and on to the painted pile. Here we have two gangs for Wild in the Streets from Slow Death Games, a "fun, fast and easy to play skirmish game of youth subcultures fighting in the streets".

I had fun helping to run games of WitS at Salute with the folks from Random Platypus but these are the first two of my own gangs.

Here we have the Murder Cult Girls. A vicious and fast gang who really can dish out the pain.

Also lurking in the back alleys we have the Goth Gang. At least they won't have to worry about washing out those pesky blood stains as I'm sure they won't be showing through.

And I couldn't resist a posed shot of the two gangs facing off.

I should have some more WitS gangs arriving in the mail any day now. Once I have had a chance to throw some paint at them I will be running a few games of WitS at the club.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the workbench much work is progressing on my orcs. Hopefully I will have some to show off very soon.

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